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Der AlpenTimer

AlpenTimer main screen

Maybe you’re after the “Lift Off” badge for climbing the Alpe du Zwift in under an hour, or maybe you just want to beat your previous best time.

The problem with trying to beat a specific time up the Alpe is that Zwift doesn’t display an estimated finish time, so you can’t pace your effort. Are you falling behind pace and need to increase your effort to get back on schedule? Or are you ahead of pace and able to ease off and conserve your strength? There’s no way to know!

Until now.

Let me introduce you to the AlpenTimer: a simple one-button app that tells you how much of the climb you’ve completed, and estimates your finish time as you round each of the Alpe’s 21 switchback turns. It should format well on most desktop, tablet, and cellphone browsers.

As stated on the app, all you ne »more

Meditation's Fake News

Triple productivity after 4 days of meditation!!!

As it spread across Asia and the rest of the globe, Buddhism changed and adapted to the local cultures it encountered; however, Buddhism’s core goal—freedom from suffering—and its core method—contemplative meditation—have perforce remained constant… until recently.

Thus it’s understandable that the 20th Century Westerners who went to Asia would come back with a unique version of Buddhist practice that ought to work better for those of us brought up in the West than the original article. The hybrid Buddhism that we inherited from them had been distilled down to the essentials that would most appeal to educated middle class White people like themselves.

That meant discarding inconvenient concepts and practices such as reincarnation, myths & deities, miracles & supernatural powers, ritual & »more

Ornoth and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day

2019 WPW Spring Rally

It’s been years since I had a Bad Day on the bike, and I can’t remember the last time I had to DNF a ride. I’ve kept my bikes in good working order, and thus haven’t met many major mechanical malfunctions.

And then there was Saturday. I’ll try to keep it brief, but convey the lowlights and the frustration I felt.

Before the misfortunes...

Drove out to North Park for the 8:30am start of the Western Pennsylvania Wheelmen’s spring rally. Cool, clammy, overcast conditions. Set out in a group of a couple dozen riders.

Misfortune #1: Halfway through the 30-mile ride, I announced a front flat. Although a couple riders asked if I needed anything, I waved the entire group on, saying I’d catch up. No problem.

I figured it had been a slow leak, so my initial plan was to pump the tire up and »more