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Site News: Nearby webcam

Added the image and link to the nearby traffic webcam at Mopac & Far West.

It's Not Easy Being Green in the Face

Ornoth with Scott & MJ

Back on September 10th, I completed the 100-mile Livestrong Challenge Austin ride and raised $875 for the Livestrong Foundation.

Rather than give you the usual chronological ride report, I’m gonna organize this mostly by themes, in hopes that it will be both more effective and readable. Are you with me here? Let’s start with the elephant in the peloton

The Decision

My decision to participate will surprise those of you who know my feelings about Lance Armstrong, the Livestrong Foundation’s disgraced founder. I don’t ever want to contribute in any way to the fame or fortune he has amassed from lying to the public and terrorizing the people around him.

So what convinced me to do the Livestrong ride? Here are the factors that went into my choice:

  • Lance has left the organization and is no lon »more

The Edge of the Sun

The Garmin Edge 840 Solar

In addition to the HUI-VUI, I’ve discovered another thing that happens every six years: I purchase a new GPS bike computer. In this case, we’re talking the Garmin Edge 840 Solar, which I picked up last month after it came out back in April. A new GPS head unit is a really big deal for someone who spends as much time in the saddle as I do.

Before diving into the new unit, let’s look at how far we’ve come. I first used a GPS to log bike rides waay back in 2000, using Garmin’s original yellow eTrex handheld, but the tech back then was so primitive that it didn’t have maps or routes or points of interest; just a blank monochrome 64 x 128 pixel LCD with a breadcrumb trail of where you had gone, and even that initially suffered from “Selective Availability”: an intentional inaccuracy im »more


Not looking good post vomiting after the finish Team Kermit's Ornoth, Christophe, and Steve after conquering Fulton Ranch hill Ornoth with Scott & MJ Scenic level crossing on the Blanco River Rolling through the ranchland in Driftwood And having finished, collapsing Ornoth crossing the finish line Ornoth dragging himself toward the finish Ornoth rolling out with Team Kermit Ornoth lined up in the VIP starting area MJ & Scott, Steven & Ornoth ready for the start Scott, Ornoth, & Steven before for the start ClimbPro showing Fulton Ranch hill ClimbPro displaying map, elevation profile, current grade and power My main display: speed, distance, with power and heart rate charts Real-Time Stamina, estimating 21% or 17km remaining before bonking Solar power gain, showing 71 minutes gained over a 9-hour ride My customized boot screen The Garmin Edge 840 Solar